Sunny Hostin’s Debut Novel, Summer on the Bluffs

From Emmy Award-winning Sunny Hostin, co-host of The View, comes her debut novel, set in her beloved Oak Bluffs, on the shorts of Martha’s Vineyard.

Every summer the beautiful, talented Afro-Latina lawyer Perry Soto escapes the heat of New York City for the gorgeous weather, cool water, and stunning views of Oak Bluffs, secluded in a beachside cottage owned by her “Ama,” with her husband and two god sisters. But this summer is different – Ama is moving to France, and will bequeath the house to one of her goddaughters at the end of the summer. Each of the women wants the house desperately, and each is grappling with a secret that they fear will make them lose Ama’s approval and the house – forever.

“Summer on the Bluffs” goes on sale June 16th. Learn more, and read an excerpt, at