Sunny Hostin Proudly Celebrates Being Afro-Latina and Shares the Importance of Her Identity

By Tionah Lee

Sunny Hostin is many things! The 51-year-old’s achievements range from mother to a 13-year-old daughter, co-host of The View, journalist, and author. However, while all of those aspects of her life are easy to identify, her heritage is one thing that typically comes into question. Black History Month gives the multihyphenate the opportunity to unapologetically celebrate who she is, a proud Afro-Latina. “For me, it’s just always who I am, and who I’ve been. I’m just happy that finally, there’s a name for it,” Sunny, who is Puerto Rican and black tells HOLA! USA. “Your know, Latinx, Afro-Latina. I always called myself a Black-Tina. It’s unfortunate that growing up, people often asked me, ‘What are you?’ And I got tired of trying to explain it.”

Sunny says that although she proudly represents who she is, people still question her identity. “I get tweets, I get comments, ‘Are you black; are you Puerto Rican?’ You know I get it often, and you know the answer is I’m both,” the New York native shares. “It’s never been hard for me to be both. It’s just simply who I am.”

And se never gets tired of sharing her response. “I answer! I say I’m both. Should I deny my father or deny my mother? I would never do that.” Sunny is doing the work and telling the stories.

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