Shondaland: In Sunny Hostin’s New Memoir, She’s Finally Sharing Her Truth

The lawyer and “The View” co-host talks to Shondaland about her new book, “I Am These Truths.”

By Juliana Ukiomagbe

Sunny Hostin says she wrote her memoir, I Am These Truths: A Memoir of Identity, Justice, and Living Between Worlds, for young people. 

“I’m just a kid from the South Bronx projects,” Hostin tells Shondaland. “There would be days where we were hungry and didn’t have heat or hot water. That’s generally not the beginning of most television stars, but that was my beginning. I wanted to tell younger people that if you have a purpose guiding you, you really can do it. You don’t have to follow this traditional path, you can make bold career choices and still end up standing.”

As a lawyer, journalist, co-host of The View, and now author, Hostin has many truths to tell. One of the intentions for her book was to give readers a glimpse at what’s possible if they live life as their fullest and truest selves. 

“I know when I was growing up, no one looked like me doing what I’m doing and I desperately wanted that. If I can be that for someone, it will make it worthwhile,” says Hostin. “You don’t live a perfect day unless you do something for someone who can’t repay you. So I’m hoping that this will be that for people.”

Shondaland spoke with Hostin about the difficulties of writing a memoir, what it means to straddle two identities as an Afro-Latina, and the responsibility she feels to speak for an entire community.

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