Hive Update XXI

The days are longer, the flowers are blooming, and our favorite, the bees are buzzing!

We recently got inside the hives and conducted a full check. We examined frames to look at the queen bee’s egg laying pattern, checked on their food stores, and observed their beeswax production.

We’re excited to share – our colony has a new queen in charge!

We added a combo – frames that contain a queen bee, brood, larvae, and worker bees. The old and the new bees are separated by a layer of newspaper to keep the new queen safe while the bees get used to each other’s pheromones.

The bees have to tear through the paper before they can interact, and this process takes them some time, allowing the pheromones to mingle. By the time the new and old bees can pass through the paper, they will have accepted each other as their own.

After merging into one colony, the new queen will start laying eggs to support the growth of the hive.


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