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Rosie O’Donnell Returning to ‘The View’; Is Sarah Palin, NeNe Leakes, Sunny Hostin Joining Her?

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd both announced they would not be returning to "The View" in the fall. Shepherd was first to make the shocking revelation and released a statement to Deadline on June 26.

By Minyvonne Burke for Headlines & Global News.

July 8, 2014 - Hours later, McCarthy followed suit and tweeted to her millions of followers that she too was moving on and would not co-host Season 18 of the daytime talk show.

"If Sherri goes... I go too. #sisters," McCarthy tweeted.

"My View will be changing too," she added. "As will with many hard working folks. Thanks to everyone at the show for your dedication and an amazing year."

During the first live taping of "The View" since the announcements were made, both Shepherd and McCarthy addressed the "giant neon pink gorilla in the room." McCarthy, who is engaged to Donnie Wahlberg, joked about her exit telling the audience that it was only a rumor.

"Actually it is true. But I love the support," McCarthy confessed, adding that she was grateful for the opportunity.

The former Playmate also hinted that she already had another job lined up and would be making the announcement soon. Shepherd, on the other hand, was very emotional when she explained to the audience why she decided to leave the show after seven years as a co-host.

"It is true that I'm leaving 'The View,'" Shepherd said. "A lot of producers have known since the spring that I didn't intend to return after my contract ends in August. You know I'm a woman of faith, and seven is the number of God's completion. I've been here seven years, and my time with 'The View' is complete."

So far ABC has not announced who will be joining Whoopi Goldberg in the fall, so HNGN came up with our own list of candidates who would be the perfect co-hosts.

Rosie O'Donnell- There has already been a lot of buzz that O'Donnell will definitely be joining the show. We have to agree that O'Donnell should come back because she's not afraid to express her opinions on hot-button issues, no matter how controversial her opinions may be. O'Donnell's views on certain topics would definitely stir up a debate with not only the other co-hosts but with the audience watching at home.

Sarah Palin - The former Alaska governor is another one who is already rumored to have a seat at the table. Palin is controversial, outspoken and would be a good replacement for the conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Leah Remini - The actress was fired from "The Talk" so it would be interesting to see her join a competing show like "The View." Remini is funny, passionate and easily expresses her opinions. She also made headlines for leaving the Church of Scientology, which some might find interesting.

Meagan Good - The actress has never done a talk show before but she would definitely add a more religious standpoint on certain topics. She would also help bring in a younger audience.

Sunny Hostin - It was rumored that ABC was looking for a Latina to join the show and it seems like the legal expert and former assistant United States Attorney already has a small backing on social media.

Ross Mathews - Mathews would be a breath of fresh air on the cast. Not only is he funny but he always has some interesting views on hot topics. It was also rumored that producers wanted a male to be added to the cast.

NeNe Leakes - This "Atlanta Housewife" would bring it to "The View." Leakes has a large following, she's sassy, opinionated and won't bite her tongue. The reality star would definitely add a little something-extra to the cast, but we're not sure how well she'll get along with the other co-hosts.

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