Sunny Hostin

Media Movers: Sunny Hostin Jumps from CNN to ABC

by Angela Bronner Helm for All Digitocracy

All Digitocracy | February 24, 2016 - Sunny Hostin, who for the past six years was a host and legal analyst for CNN, has returned to ABC News as a senior legal correspondent, the network announced yesterday.

The outspoken attorney began her television career on Court TV, and has worked at nearly every network since, providing cutting legal analysis often around high-profile often racialized cases. In the last year, Hostin has been a regular co-host on ABC's The View.

"A gifted storyteller, Sunny has an impressive depth of knowledge about the criminal justice system. She has brought clarity and context to complicated legal and social justice issues in covering some of the biggest stories of the past decade, including the Bernie Madoff scandal, the George Zimmerman trial, the unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore, the AME church shooting in Charleston and the Bill Cosby rape allegations," ABC News president James Goldston said in an announcment today.

He continued: "I'm confident that Sunny's sharp insights will be valuable assets to ABC News, complimenting the brilliant work led by our chief legal analyst Dan Abrams and joining Ryan Smith on our terrific team of legal experts."

Hostin began her career as an appellate law clerk after graduating from Notre Dame Law School and went on to become a trial attorney for the Justice Department and a federal prosecutor. She is often a fierce and vocal advocate for racial justice and unafraid to speak her mind.

"You have to be unafraid to be that dissenting voice," said Hostin in a 2013 interview. "I often tell students that they need to be their authentic selves. Who cares what anyone else says? If that's how you feel about it, then you stay true to that."

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