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Hillary Clinton Joins the Ladies of 'The View' To Discuss 'What Happened' Last November

by Chris Malone for Billboard

September 13, 2017 - Following yesterday's release of her new election memoir What Happened, Hillary Clinton stopped by The View today (Sep. 13) to discuss with the co-hosts her writing process for the book, her motivation for writing it, and where she wants the country to go from here.

When asked by co-host Whoopi Goldberg why she would want to relive the pain of her stunning electoral college defeat last November by writing about it, Clinton replied by saying that the writing process was "cathartic" for her and helped her cope with the loss much quicker by facing it head-on. Along with cleaning out her closets, going for walks in the woods, and catching up on sleep, writing about how she felt helped her unwind and recover from a grueling second presidential campaign.

Clinton's visit to The View marks her first talk show appearance since the election, and she wasted no opportunity to detail what she believes to be the factors for her loss, criticize the current president's handling of the office, and "pull back the curtain" on how she felt during the campaign, on election night, and in the following months.

“I'm very disappointed in what I've seen so far [from Trump]," Clinton said. “I also hope that there can be a greater understanding of what it means to be president for the entire country.” Clinton went on to criticize Trump's Twitter insults of our crucial allies and the "reality TV show campaign" he ran, as well as how his campaign was covered by the press. "'I think the press has to say, ‘How are we gonna cover candidates going forward that may take a page out of Trump’s book?’” Besides how she was portrayed by the press, Clinton assigned the heaviest blame for her loss on Russia's interference in the democratic process and FBI Director James Comey's memo that questioned her presidential capability.

Despite her disappointment with how the election turned out, Clinton declared that "what matters most is what happens next." When co-host Sunny Hostin lamented that the last chapter of Clinton's public life would be her electoral defeat, Clinton reassured her that she intends to remain active in speaking out for what she stands for, and encouraged all people -- specifically young people -- to do the same.

What Happened is out now.

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