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Bethlehem Vegan Bakery Sees Business Spike After Mention on 'The View'

by Tim Silfies for WFMZ-TV

WFMZ-TV | October 10, 2017 - Bethlehem's Vegan Treats bakery has seen a spike in business, thanks to a shout-out on ABC's 'The View' and an assist from comedian Jon Stewart.

Bakery owner Danielle Konya said business is insane, crazy and really busy. But she said it with a smile.

Vegan Treats specializes in desserts made without animal products, and they just got some major free publicity.

It all started when actor Craig Robinson was on 'The View', discussing his birthday.

"I'm looking for a delicious vegan cake," he told the panel.

One of the co-hosts Sunny Hostin was skeptical a vegan cake could ever taste good.

Enter comedian Jon Stewart and his wife, who were apparently paying attention to the show.

"They're great friends of mine. I met them several years through Farm Sanctuary. We just hit it off. And they're big fans of my bakery," explained Konya.

The Stewarts emailed Konya after the show aired, asking her to take a cake to 'The View' to prove vegan desserts really can be good.

She obliged.

"Yeah I did take it. Which was really fun actually. I brought my mom, because she loves that show," Konya said. "So she thought it was extra cool going in the stage door and getting to meet all the ladies of 'The View'".

Konya also turned Hostin into a vegan convert.

"Let me see if I stand corrected, Jon Stewart," said Hostin as she took a bite of cake. "I was wrong," she quickly replied as the audience laughed.

Vegan Treats got a mention on the show, and what happened next was predictable.

"I literally was still driving home from New York City and my manager called and was like, 'Uhhh... the bakery phone won't stop ringing. The website's been shut down with too much traffic.' It was crazy," she said.

Konya said people were calling from all around the country, saying they saw 'The View' and asking for deliveries.

The bakery owner said that Hostin's doubt about vegan desserts is a common tale.

"We do run into some skeptics, but I feel like the dessert speaks for itself," she said confidently.

Konya said she's grateful for notable people like Stewart who bring attention to vegan causes.

"We're a mission-driven company, we're animal advocates," she said. "For environmental reasons and animal rights reasons it's so important for people to eat vegan."

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