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Why it Matters: Sunny Hostin says voting is important so those in power 'represent all of us, not just some of us'

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Why it Matters: Sunny Hostin says political diversity is driving her to vote

Good Morning America | November 1, 2018 - This election season, "Good Morning America" asked Americans to share with us "Why It Matters." We want to know what issues are inspiring people to head to the polls and participate in our democracy this year.

"The View" co-host and ABC News' legal analyst Sunny Hostin is one of many voices who told us "Why It Matters."

The issue: Diversity and representation

Sunny Hostin -- a lawyer and co-host of "The View" -- has a lot to say on diversity and representation in politics this election.

"We need people in power that represent all of us, not just some of us," Hostin told "GMA."

Hostin believes we need elected officials that better represent the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of all Americans.

"It's extremely important to have people represent you and your beliefs and your thoughts and things that matter to you, and the way to get there is to vote for people that reflect you," Hostin said. "If this issue doesn't get resolved, then you have a group of people that perhaps don't understand you, don't understand your community and aren't working on behalf of your values."

No matter your background, 'Voting is the most American thing you can do'

"I think voting is the most American thing you can do," Hostin said.

For those who say their vote doesn't matter, the legal guru says back: "Our founding fathers made it very clear that every vote should count."

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