Sunny Hostin

Victory Speech Has ‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Calling Trump ‘More Presidential’

by Russ Jones for Western Journalism

Western Journalism | April 20, 2016 - As on so many other occasions in Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency, his words were dissected after his victory speech.

On a show where the scalpel of analysis is often cut cruelly, came a very different word used to describe the GOP’s front-runner.

After hearing Trump’s speech after his huge win in the New York primary, host Sunny Hostin of The View said Trump seemed “much more presidential this time.”

“When I listened to him I understood what his main policy points were,” she said.

Hostin’s comments were met with eye-rolls and “oh, please” from other hosts.

However, Hostin is not alone in her evaluation.

“If you are a Republican who doesn’t want Trump to be the nominee, the Donald Trump who just spoke should scare you,” tweeted Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post Tuesday night.

“After he won New York’s GOP primary by a massive and larger-than-expected margin, Trump was uncharacteristically subdued, setting aside the braggadocio (his word) we’re used to seeing from the real estate billionaire. And this somewhat-new, more-polished Trump — if we are indeed witnessing that — should worry Republicans who hope Trump will eventually gaffe himself out of the race,” wrote Amber Phillips of The Washington Post. “We’ve been wondering since he started leading in the polls when Trump would act more like a politician.”

Some have said the change is overdue.

“If he makes the transition to being a really professional presidential candidate, he will be really formidable,” former House speaker Newt Gingrich said recently. “And if he does not, he will not be the nominee.”

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