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‘The View’ Hits Back at Kellyanne Conway: You Want Some ‘Hard News?’

The hosts of The View went after Trump’s campaign manager again on Friday after she admitted Trump did business with Cuba the day before.

by Matt Wilstein for The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast | September 30, 2016 - Donald Trump might not be learning much for his latest campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, but it seems as though she might be learning something from him. The typically unshakable Conway seemed a bit rattled by the end of her sit-down with the hosts of The View on Thursday morning, especially after she admitted that Trump did illegal business in Cuba.

So, like her candidate, she went on Twitter and trashed the show.

“I don't want to sound braggadocio, but this is huge for The View,” co-host Joy Behar said Friday morning, after playing the clip in which Conway confirms that Trump’s company “paid money in 1998” — a minimum of $68,000, according to Kurt Eichenwald’s Newsweek report — as part of a potential deal to expand his business there.

As Conway made those comments on the show, Eichenwald tweeted his assessment in real time.

Conway’s characterization of The View as less than “hard news” seemed to particularly set off co-host Jedediah Bila, who shot back at her, “I come from hard news, Kellyanne, so don't tell me about hard news from The View. You want some hard news from The View, we'll give you hard news from The View.”

“Why was he talking about how great the embargo was to people trying to get votes while he was behind the scenes going through a consulting firm to try to figure out if he could make money there?” Bila continued. “Is that enough hard news for you?”

“Any Latinos that are thinking about voting for Donald Trump, I hope that they saw that interview, I hope that they're watching now,” Sunny Hostin added. After everything Trump has said about Mexican immigrants and building a wall and now apparently violating the Cuba embargo, she asked, “If you're a Latino, what would possess you to vote for Donald Trump?”

For Bila, it all came down to “hypocrisy” on Trump’s part. “If you're out there saying, I support the embargo because I don't support what this regime stands for,” she said, “and you're investigating a way to make money under that regime, you are a hypocrite.”

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