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Joy Behar Brings Her A-Game for Outrageous Accusations by Blasting Trump's Abuse of CNN Reporter

by Virginia Kruta for Independent Journal Review

Independent Journal Review | January 13, 2017 - During his Wednesday press conference, President-elect Donald Trump delivered the snub heard around the world when he unceremoniously rejected questions from CNN's Jim Acosta.

As other pundits and media personalities got wind of the very public insult, they all began to weigh in with their opinions — and the ladies on “The View” were no exception.

Whoopi Goldberg, who appeared in a t-shirt that read “Michelle 2020,” spurred the conversation by showing a clip of Trump shutting down Acosta during the press conference. But then the other ladies offered their two cents.

Sunny Hostin, who used to work for CNN, noted that Acosta was an excellent journalist and didn't deserve that kind of treatment from Trump or anyone else. But she also noted what she believed to be the larger issue:

“I think we should all be concerned about that exchange that we just saw, because it's about freedom of the press. And for our president-elect to call someone who is a journalist with a reputable news organization a fake journalist and fake news is something that is terrifying.”

Sara Haines explained that there is a difference between “fake news” — intentionally promoting a false story — and “unsubstantiated news” which is just something that doesn't have enough supplemental information to be credible.

Former Fox News personality Jedediah Bila agreed that the attack on CNN was unwarranted — she explained that, having read the CNN report, she had found nothing wrong with it.

But BuzzFeed, Bila noted, had taken things a few steps further into the unsubstantiated and salacious:

"[They said] this stuff has not been verified, this stuff has not been corroborated by anyone, but here's all the information...

And you know, once that information hits with all of its details and specifics, it's hard to unsee that stuff."

But it was Joy Behar who really bared her feelings, pulling no punches:

“How about the irony of a fake billionaire with a fake tan and a fake university and a fake foundation worried about 'fake news'?”

She recalled Trump's assessment of BuzzFeed's story and his reference to Nazi Germany:

“Can I just say also that this invocation of Nazi Germany that he did in one of his tweets, 'oh, it's like Nazi Germany,' and then he stifles a reporter from asking a question. That's right out of the playbook of Joseph Goebbels, okay?”

Fox's Neil Cavuto offered a different take on the same situation, suggesting that Trump's dismissal of CNN was no less outrageous than eight years of similar snubs directed at Fox News by the Obama administration.

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