Sunny Hostin

Elizabeth Warren Talks Hillary Clinton Campaign and Donald Trump Insults - "The View" Exclusive

by Marisa Dabney for The View

The View | June 28, 2016 - Senator Elizabeth Warren joined The View Hot Topics live via satellite from Washington during the Tuesday June 28th, 2016 episode. She is not campaigning for Hillary Clinton to secure a spot as Vice President. She is supporting Hillary as she will be the next President of the United States. Additionally, Hillary's been fighting for children and families and those who don't have a voice. Senator Warren also feels Hillary is tough, smart, has a steady hand and a good heart. Guest co-host Sunny Hostin asks if Senator Warren has a response to Donald Trump calling her a "fraud" and a "racist" for claiming to be Native American. Trump even went so far as to call Senator Warren Pocahontas.

Senator Elizabeth Warren says in an exclusive interview with The View that the most important issue in this campaign is whether this country is still a country of opportunity. She was the daughter of a janitor that ended up in the United States Senate. She is worried those opportunities for success are shrinking. As far as the possibility of two women being on the democratic ticket, Elizabeth Warren says she is focused right now on getting one woman elected to the White House.

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