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Dr. Phil: "Entitlement in Athletics?"

Dr. Phil | December 31, 2014 - Florida State University's star quarterback, Jameis Winston, is making headlines off the field with charges of alleged shoplifting, an alleged sexual assault and allegations of selling autographs and yelling obscenities on campus. Yet, he is still playing. Also in the news, seven football players from Sayreville High School in New Jersey recently were taken into custody and charged with assault and sex crimes against their own teammates. Reportedly, this was not an isolated incident.

Call It What It Is

Dr. Phil asks legal analyst Sunny Hostin for her take on these incidents.

This issue is very close to my heart," Sunny told Dr. Phil. "I spent a lot of my prosecutorial career prosecuting child sex crimes and I think we need to call this Sayreville case what it is. So many people are framing the discussion as a hazing case. We're talking about aggravated sexual assaults that took place over 10 days and there were four different victims. If we weren't talking about this in the context of a football team, we'd be talking about serial rape and we would all be outraged.

Dr. Phil: "What can and should happen to these young men and the coaches and the parents if these allegations are proven to be true?"

Right now we know that seven of them have been charged with a range of crimes. [The offenders range in age from] 15 to 17 - so they're looking at five years in prison, Dr. Phil. But the prosecutor looking at this case - if he charges them as adults, they're looking at a lot more time. They're looking at sexual offender registration for the rest of their lives.

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